CRCN is led by Dr. Barbara Gray, Director (Management and Organization Department). The Center currently has twenty faculty associates from five colleges, (Engineering, Agriculture, Liberal Arts, The Dickinson School of Law and The Smeal College of Business), thirteen faculty associates from other universities and non-faculty associates including dispute resolution practitioners. Graduate students from various departments across the university are involved with CRCN projects. They are admitted to their respective departments within Penn State, but are supported by CRCN while they work on specific projects for the Center

Faculty Associates

Charles Abdalla - Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics
Robert Ackerman
- Professor of Law
John Becker - Professor of Agricultural Economics and Law
Scott Bennett - Assistant Professor of Political Science
Gary Bolton - Assistant Professor of Business Economics
Alexander Colvin - Associate Professor Labor Studies and Industrial Relations
Stephen Couch - Associate Professor of Sociology, Schuykill Campus
Richard Devon - Professor of Design Engineering
Daryl Farber - Associate Professor Science, Technology, & Society Program
Dave Harrison - Professor of Management
Drew Hyman - Professor Emeritus of Public Policy and Community Systems
Timothy Kelsey - Professor of Agricultural Economics
Gary Lilien - Distinguished Research Professor of Management Science, Director Institute for the Study of Business Markets
Jennifer Mastrofski - Assistant Professor Administration of Justice
Judd Michael - Associate Professor of Wood Products
Susan Mohammed - Assistant Professor of Psychology
Robert O'Connor - Associate Professor Emeritus of Political Science
Linda Trevino - Professor of Management
Nancy Welsh - Professor of Law
Mlen-Too Wesley - Associate Professor Business Administration and Management

CRCN Affiliates

Noelle Aarts - Professor of Communication, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Rene Bouwen - Retired Professor of Organizational Psychology - Katholieke Universitet Leuven
Rhoda Callister - Associate Professor of Managemnet & Human Resources, Utah State University
Art DeWulf - Research and Teaching Assistant, Katholieke Universitet Leuven
Julie Faulkner - Nature Conservancy
Howard Gadlin - Director Ombudsman Office, National Institute of Health
Ralph Hanke - Instructor in Department of Management, Bowling Green State University, Ohio
Roy Lewicki - Dean's Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Ohio University
Jill Purdy - Associate Professor of Political Science University of Washington @ Tahoma
Linda Putnam - Professor of Communication, Texas A&M University
Sandra Schruijer - Professor of Organizational Psychology, University of Utrecht
Cees van Woerkum - Professor of Communication, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Aimin Yan - Assistant Professor of Management, Boston University

CRCN Graduate Students

Dan Chiaburu - Management and Organization
Jennifer Gephardt - Management and Organization
Katherine Hamilton - Industrial and Organization Psychology
Hong Ren - Management and Organization