Training & Services

Training, Consultation, and Dispute Resolution Services

CRCN associates provide training, consultation, and dispute resolution services (such as facilitation and mediation) to organizations worldwide to assist them in designing and conducting effective conflict management, teambuilding, and collaboration.

Graduate and Undergraduate Courses Associated with CRCN

Faculty members associated with CRCN are active in teaching negotiation and conflict resolution at the graduate and undergraduate levels, and to executive audiences in both the public and private sector. Within the Smeal College of Business four MBA courses, "Negotiations (BA 504), "Complex Negotiations" (Mgmt. 521), "Teams, Processes & Performance" (BA502), and "Team Facilitation" (Mgmt. 520) are taught on a regular basis. Courses in interest-based negotiation, multi-party collaboration, environmental dispute resolution and managing diversity are available and can be customized for individual organizational needs.

Training Sampler

  • Department of Environmental Protection. During the 1990's, CRCN was involved with The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in the development of its internal alternative dispute resolution capabilities. In conjunction with two of our non-university associates, we have provided conflict assessment, mediation and facilitation services, and consultation to DEP staff. CRCN has also provided evaluation services for mediation efforts undertaken by DEP.
  • Community Dispute Resolution Processes for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. At the request of the PA Dept. of Agriculture, CRCN faculty associates and grad students designed a community dispute resolution process for use in conflicts over concentrated animal feedlot operations (CAFOs). When these operations have attempted to open in several Pennsylvania communities they have engendered considerable community conflict. (See "A Guidebook On Community Participation in Addressing Disputes Over Intensive Livestock Operations" available from the PA Department of Agriculture.
  • National Park Service. CRCN recently completed a study of an intractable conflict over use issues in Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota. With support for the Hewlett Foundation, we have interviewed community members, environmentalists, park and local officials about this long-standing conflict over the park's management and followed the general management planning process that the Park currently undertook. In May 2000, we conducted a community workshop to share our research findings and to try to help heal some of the conflicts that limit the park's viability. Research results cn be found at


  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service . For the last 12 years CRCN has delivered a 2-day course in basic negotiation skills to field and office staff of this agency. The training has been offered over 30 times in locations all over the U.S. including the National Conservation and Training Center in Sheppardstown, W. VA. Contact CRCN or NCTC to find out when the next course will be offered.
  • Phillips Medical Systems (The Netherlands) . CRCN faculty assisted a cross-cultural team to improve its operations thru diagnosis and teambuilding activities.
  • Environmental Framing Training. CRCN faculty spearheads the Consortium on the Framing of Intractable Environmental Disputes. One product of the Consortium is a training course on framing of conflict. The training addresses how different disputants frame the conflict. The training addressed how different disputants frame the conflict, how knowledge of training can improve conflict assessment processes and several dispute resolution interventions that can help disputing parties get past their animosity and initiate collaborative negotiation.


  • Training Within the University . Many of CRCN's research, training, and intervention efforts have served the Penn State community over the years. CRCN has conducted strategic planning for the College of Agriculture, organization development and teambuilding for the University Health Services, negotiation training for The Outreach and Continuing Education Department, negotiation skills training for the Women in Engineering Program, and facilitation, training and evaluation work for the Kellogg Foundation - supported LINC Program

Other Recipients of CRCN Training and Consultation Include:

  • Mellon Bank
  • U.S.X. Corporation
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Women in Engineering and Sciences (Penn State University)
  • McGill-McConnell Program in Voluntary Sector Leadership (McGill University)
  • Saskatchewan Community Council
  • The MacArthur Foundation
  • Phillips Medical Systems Support Group (The Netherlands)
  • Nijenrode University (The Netherlands)
  • Price Waterhouse Accountants
  • Greenpeace - Europe