Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Global Economy (2007),
Gerald I. Susman, Editor.
This book is the result of the Third Klein Symposium, and addresses the resource supplement/leverage and innovation challenges that increased global trade represents for SMEs by exploring how they can become more competitive at home and in foreign markets as stand-alone firms or as members of supplier and customer networks. For more information, visit the Edward Elgar Publishing Web site.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), through its Manufacturing Extension Partnership, contracted with The Smeal College of Business to conduct a series of studies on manufacturing in the United States, in which CMTOC participated in whole or in part:

Recognition and reconciliation of differences in interpretation of misalignments when collaborative technologies are introduced into new product development teams, by Gerald I. Susman, Barbara L. Gray, John Perry, and Candace E. Blair was published in the Journal of Engineering and Technology Management (Vol 20, Issue 1-2, 141-159) in June 2003. This study looked at how new product development teams learn how to adopt and adapt to collaborative technologies so that products can be designed virtually, i.e., "anytime" or "anyplace".