Past Forum Meetings

This page lists the titles, or themes, of the Advanced Manufacturing Forum. For each one of these meetings of the Forum, the titles of the four papers presented at the meeting are included when available. The page is the navigation tool for examining any or all of the meetings.

The best way to learn how the Advanced Manufacturing Forum contributes to the mission of CMTOC is to peruse the content of the meetings of the forum. We present here the theme of each forum meeting and the titles of the four presentations at each meeting.

All available Executive summaries are listed below.

Past Advanced Manufacturing Forum Meetings

Forum 75 (March 2014): The Journey to Lean and Green Manufacturing. Presentations by Campbell Soup Company, Harris Products Group, Johnson & Johnson, La-Z-Boy

Forum 74 (November 2014): The Journey to Lean and Green Manufacturing. Presentations by MetCam, Inc., SKF USA, Caterpillar Remanufacturing Services, Virtual Marking Systems.

Forum 73 (April 2013): The Journey to Lean and Green Manufacturing. Presentations by E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Co, Columbia Manufacturing, Inc., Ford Motor Company, Samsung Electronics North America.

Forum 72 (October 2012):  The Journey to Lean and Green Manufacturing.  Presentations by OMNOVA Solutions, Ball Corporation, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, CertainTeed and Saint-Gobain.

Forum 71 (March 2012):  The Journey to Lean and Green Manufacturing. Presentations by OSI Industries, Cessna Aircraft Co., Wal-Mart, and Xerox Corporation.

Forum 70 (October 2011):  Best Practices in Lean and Sustainable Manufacturing. Presentations by Shearer's Foods, Pfizer, American Axle and Manufacturing, and SKF USA.

Forum 69 (March 2011): The Journey to Lean and Green Manufacturing. Presentations by TOTO USA, Mohawk Industries, General Cable, and IEC Electronics.

Forum 68 (September/October 2010): The Journey to Lean and Green Manufacturing. Presentations by Frito-Lay (a Division of PepsiCo), Eaton Corporation, E-Z-GO (a Textron Company), Philips Respironics.

Forum 67 (April 2010): The Journey to Lean: From Base Camp to Summit. Presentations by Kahiki Foods, Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tobyhanna Army Depot.

Forum 66 (October 2009): The Journey to Lean. Presentations by Herman Miller, United Technologies, Greatbatch Medical, Pittsburgh Glass Works (PGW).

Forum 65 (March 2009): Lean Manufacturing and the Environment. Presentations by Eastman Kodak Company, Metalworks, Minitab, Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

Forum 64 (October 2008):  Journey to Lean: From Base Camp to Summit. Presentations by Blue Bird North Georgia, DuPont, Sara Lee Foods, Kennametal.

Forum 63 (April 2008):  Lean Manufacturing and Remanufacturing: The Journeys Continue... Presentations by Xerox, MEDRAD, Weir Minerals, Black & Decker.

Forum 62 (November 2007):  Journey to Lean: Product Development, Planning Systems, Plant Operations. Presentations by Boeing, Medtronics, Poli-Film, Topflight.

Forum 61 (April 2007): Plant Operations and Employee Involvement. Presentations by Batesville Casket, PSU, Reiter Automotive, Schneider Electric.

Forum 60 (November 2006): The Journey to Lean: Plant Operations and Product Development. Presentations by Boston Scientific, Flinchbaugh Engineering, The HON Company, Thomas and Betts.

Forum 59 (March 2006): Lean Production and the Lean Office: Best Practices for Both. Presentations by Bridgestone Firestone, Dana Corp., EGS Electrical, General Cable.

Forum 58 (October 2006): The Journey to Lean Continues... Presentations by Absecon Mills, Pella Corp., Baxter Healthcare, Caterpillar.

Forum 57 (April 2006): Journey to Lean: From Base Camp to Summit. Presentations by ArvinMeritor, Kennametal, Rockwell, United Defense.

Forum 56 (November 2004): Innovation in Quality and Manufacturing Management: Lean Manufacturing. Presentations by Lockheed Martin, Gulfstream Aerospace, Kautex-Textron, JLG Industries.

Forum 55 (April 2004): Lean Initiatives in Product Design and Manufacturing. Presentations by Motorola, Xerox, Guelph Products, Dynamic Corp.

Forum 54 (Fall 2003): Innovation in Quality and Manufacturing Management: Lean Manufacturing. Presentations by BAE Systems Controls, Six Sigma Academy, Magnivision, Exide Technologies.

Forum 53 (Spring 2003): Managing the Development and Introduction of New Products and Manufacturing Processes. Presentations by Lutron Electronics, Black & Decker, Ford Motor Company.

Forum 52 (November 2002): Innovation in Quality and Manufacturing Management: Lean Manufacturing. Presentations by Toyota Manufacturing, Ford Motor Company, Dana Corporation, Veeder-Root.

Forum 51 (April 2002): Managing the Development and Introduction of New Products and Manufacturing Processes. Presentations by Xerox Corporation, Elumens Corporation, MDX SCIEX, and CNH.

Forum 50 (November 2001): Innovation in Quality and Manufacturing Management: Lessons from the Frontier. Presentations by Scroll Technologies, Continental Teves, BAE Systems Controls, Monarch Marketing Systems/Paxar Corporation.

Forum 49 (Spring 2001): Managing Product Development: Using Information Technology and Compensation Systems to Enhance Collaboration Across Organizational Boundaries . Presentations by American Axle and Manufacturing, IBM, Pitney-Bowes, Schneider Electric.

Forum 48 (Fall 2000): Innovation in Quality and Manufacturing Management: Lessons from the Frontier. Presentations by Foxboro Manufacturing Systems, JLG Industries, The New York Times, Visteon Automotive Systems.

Forum 47 (Spring 2000): Presentations by Daimler Chrysler, Eastman Kodak, Lockheed-Martin, Ingersoll-Rand.

Forum 46 (Fall 1999): Presentations by Sentry TechnologyCorporation, Dana Corporation, Moore Corporation, Daimler Chrysler.

Forum 45 (Spring 1999): Presentations by Detroit Diesel, Fore Systems, Ford Motor Company, U.S. Army/United Defense.

Forum 44 (October 1998): The Strategic Use of Computerized Production and Process Planning Systems. Presentations by CV Industries, Corning, Titleist and Foot-Joy World, Bennco (1,042 KB pdf).

Forum 43 (March 1998): Managing the Development and Introduction of New Products. Presentations by Motorola, AMP, Motor Coach Industries, Sparton Electronics (570 KB pdf).

Forum 42 (October 1997): Competitive Strategy and Manufacturing Management. Presentations by Freudenberg-NOK, Penn Engineering and Manufacturing, Gelman Sciences (595 KB pdf).

Forum 41 (February 1997): Managing the Development and Introduction of New Products and Manufacturing Processes. Presentations by Caterpillar, Lexmark, QMS, Symbol Technologies.

Forum 40 (Fall 1996): Presentations by Air Products & Chemicals, Armstrong World Industries, Corning, Bell South, Converting.

Forum 39 (June 1996): Human Resource Management. Presentations by TRW Vehicle Safety Systems, AT&T, Siemens, Dayton Parts, PSU (484 KB pdf).

Forum 38 (February 1996): Product Management and Organization Design. Presentations by United Technologies, General Dynamics, Abbott Laboratories, Reliance Electric, Jervis B. Webb Co., Boeing, PSU (860 KB pdf).

Forum 37 (October 1995): Competitive Strategy and Performance Measurement. Presentations by Lutron Electronics, OSRAM Sylvania, DuPont, The Wiremold Company, Center Manufacturing (1,414 KB pdf). Note: F36 and F37 are a combined summary.

Forum 36 (June 1995): Human Resource Management. Presentations by USCO Xerox Quality Services, Chrysler, Bath Iron Works, Remmele Engineering, Timken (1,414 kB pdf). Note: F36 and F37 are a combined summary.

Forum 35 (February 1995): Matching Product Development Practices to Product Life Cycle (Northrop-Grumman), Developing Regional Variations of a Successful New Product from a Common Platform (Eastman Kodak), Working Together : The 777 Design-Build Team Experience (Boeing), Product Development Team Effectiveness Study: Findings and Managerial Implications (PSU), Human Resource Policies and Practices that Facilitate New Product Development Success (Caterpillar) (693 KB pdf).

Forum 34 (October 1994): Attacking Working Capital: The Key to Cash-Flow Enhancement (American Standard), Neon Manufacturing -- People, Process, and Customer Focus (Chrysler Corp.), Strategic Targets for Cost Cutting and Revenue Growth (Allied Signal), Agility as a Source of Competitive Advantage When Customer Variety and Market Uncertainty are High (Eaton Corp.), Benchmarking: A Strategic Tool (DuPont) (1,731 KB pdf).

Forum 33 (June 1994): Managing Human Resources for Business Success (Eastman Kodak Chemical), Has Corporate America Forgotten the "F" Word? (Ericsson-General Electric Co.), Apprenticeship Payoffs: Skill Development and Productivity (Stihl), The Role of Mutual Trust in Effective Downsizing Strategies (PSU), Developing a Computerized System for Tracking Job Skills (AMP, Inc.) (832 KB pdf).

Forum 32 (February 1994): TQM Improved Productivity and Quality of Manufacturing (Textron Marine Systems), Using Cross-Functional Teams to Cut Software Development Time (Modicon), Use of Kaizen Teams to Solve "Fit" Problems Between Complex Product Parts (Sikorsky Helicopter), Winning the Race to Develop a Super Efficient and "Ozone Friendly" Refrigerator (Whirlpool), Product Development Team Effectiveness (PSU) (1,228 KB pdf).

Forum 31 (November 1993): Managing Technology and Product Platforms across the Product Life Cycle (Eastman Kodak), The Research and Development and Technology Management Philosophy of the Fanuc Company (PSU), Customer-Focused Design: Designing for Ease of Installation and Maintenance (Johnson Controls), Conceiving and Designing Products for a Cost Conscious and Capital Constrained Market (DuPont Medical Products), Technology Choice: Linking Product Development to Core Competencies (EG&G) (619 KB pdf).

Forum 30 (June 1993): Prescription for Success: Empowerment and Profitability (Lincoln Electric), Training and Empowerment: An Indispensable Combination for Team Effectiveness (Corning), Training and Compensation Practices That Best Fit with JIT, TQM, and Advanced Manufacturing Technology (PSU), Managing Diversity: Challenge and Opportunity for the Twenty-First Century Corporation (Polaroid), Develop Critical Human Resources: Making In-House Training a Source of Competitive Advantage (Bell Helicopter) (902 KB pdf).

Forum 29 (February 1993): Best Practices for Time-Based New Product Commercialization (3M), Project Sherlock: Action Research in New Product Development Design (Hewlett-Packard), ISO 9000 Quality Standards: Prerequisites and Guidelines for Exporting to the European Community (American National Standards Institute), New Product and Process Developments in Pager Lines (Motorola), Concurrent Engineering Overview (Westinghouse Electric), Sources of New Product Development Capability (PSU) (876 KB).

Forum 28 (October 1992): Strategic Analysis of Opportunities to Improve Manufacturing Performance (ALCOA), Product Design Strategy in the Global Firm (Bell-Northern Research), Measuring Manufacturing Performance through Activity-Based Costing with Productivity Accounting (University of Buckingham), Tracking Product Life Cycle Performance (PSU), Strategic Technology Planning: Developing Roadmaps for Competitive Advantage (HRB Systems) (674 KB pdf).

Forum 27 (June 1992): Developing a World-Wide Corporate Culture (Whirlpool), Global Development of Human Resources (GE), Middle Management: A Strategic Target for Change through Leadership Development (Ford Motor Co.), Leadership Development: A Catalyst for Organizational Transformation (AMP Corp.), Developing and Managing an Empowered Work Force (Sara Lee) (656 KB pdf).

Forum 26 (February 1992): The Cadillac Quality Story (General Motors), The Total Quality Initiative at Commercial Nuclear Fuel Division (Westinghouse), Involving Customers and Suppliers in a Multifunctional Product Development Team (Ingersoll-Rand), How Japanese Companies Maximize Learning Within and Between Product Development Cycles (PSU), Managing the Introduction and Effective Use of Quality Function Deployment (Eastman Kodak) (734 KB pdf).

Forum 25 (October 1991): Organizing to Shorten the Development Time of Customized Products (IBM), Lead-Time Reduction as a Competitive Weapon (Thomasville Furniture), Cash-Flow Implications of Reduction in Inventory and Lead-Time (Westinghouse), Justifying and Tracking New Product Development Projects (PSU), Developing and Implementing a Strategic Technology Plan (DuPont) (663 KB pdf).

Forum 24 (June 1991): Training Managers for Six Sigma Quality and Developing High Performance Work Teams (Motorola), Designing a New Plant Using Sociotechnical Principles: An HP-OKI Joint Venture in Puerto Rico (Hewlett-Packard), A Joint Union-Management Program to Develop Problem-Solving Skills for Workers (Caterpillar), Job Design and Reward Systems to Complement the Introduction of Manufacturing Cells (Ingersoll-Rand), Developing the Sanctions Group: A Key to Success in Employee Empowerment Initiatives (General Motors) (518 KB pdf).

Forum 23 (February 1991): The Six Sigma Program at the Rochester Plant (IBM), Designing Products to Lower Manufacturing Costs and Improve Quality (Black & Decker), Designing Products for Manufacturability and Recyclability (ALCOA), Survey of Factors Related to New Product Development Success (PSU & Villanova University), The GM Product Program Management Process (General Motors) (696 KB pdf).

Forum 22 (October 1990): Reorganizing to Improve the New Product Development Process (Polaroid), Assessing Product Life Cycle Performance Using Cash Flow Techniques (Proctor & Gamble), Applying Activity-Based Cost Accounting (ALCOA), Market and Technological Change as Determinants of Productive Capacity Decisions (PSU), Computer Simulation as an Aid to Decision Making Over the Product Life Cycle (PSU), Using R&D for Competitive Advantage (Carrier) (968 KB pdf).

Forum 21 (June 1990): Workforce Development. Presentations by Corning-Asahi, Saturn Corp., Caterpillar, Systems Consulting Group, PSU (627 KB pdf).

Forum 20 (February 1990): Design for Manufacturability. Presentations by PSU, DuPont, Black & Decker, Westinghouse (760 KB pdf).

Forum 19 (Fall 1989): Unavailable.

Forum 18 (Summer 1989): Unavailable.

Forum 17 (February 1989): Design for Manufacturability. Presentations by PSU, DuPont, McDonnell-Douglas, Eastman Kodak, Cleveland Pneumatic, Corning Glass Works (768 KB pdf).

Forum 16 (Fall 1988): Unavailable.

Forum 15 (Summer 1988): Unavailable.

Forum 14 (Spring 1988): Unavailable.

Forum 13 (Fall 1987): Unavailable.

Forum 12 (Summer 1987): Unavailable.

Forum 11 (Spring 1987): Unavailable.

Forum 10 (Fall 1986): Unavailable.

Forum 9 (Summer 1986): Unavailable.

Forum 8 (Spring 1986): Unavailable.

Forum 7 (Fall 1985): Unavailable.

Forum 6 (Summer 1985): Unavailable.

Forum 5 (Spring 1985): Unavailable.

Forum 4 (Fall 1984): Unavailable.

Forum 3 (Summer 1984): Unavailable.

Forum 2 (Spring 1984): Unavailable.

Forum 1 (Fall 1983): Roster


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