Sixty-Fourth Meeting of the Advanced Manufacturing Forum

The Journey to Lean: From Base Camp to Summit
October 2-3, 2008

Session Highlights

Steve Clark, Director of Quality and Risk Management
Kevin Wood, General Manager
Blue Bird North Georgia (BBNG)
LaFayette, Georgia

A "Worst to First" Transformation

BBNG is a 2007 Industry Week Best Plants Winner and a 2007 Shingo Bronze Medallion recipient. BBNG is a satellite plant of Blue Bird Body Corporation which is headquartered in Fort Valley, Georgia, and manufactures conventional school buses for use in the United States and through export. The dramatic improvement in plant performance in safety, quality, productivity, and on-time delivery, beginning in late 2003 and sustained through the present can be attributed to the continuous improvement and continuous learning culture that has developed. It is truly a "worst to first" story rooted in application of selected Lean tools within the framework of an overall strategy for continuous improvement and waste reduction. Kevin Wood and Steve Clark share the story of their Lean journey -- after all, it is about the journey.

Blue Bird North Georgia (BBNG) Executive Summary (43 KB .pdf)

Petra Sterwerf, Plant Manager
Sara Lee Foods
Alexandria, Kentucky

The Lean Journey Starts with a Single Step... Commitment

The Sara Lee facility in Alexandria produces many of the processed meat products that we are familiar with... Ball Park franks, Hillshire Farms cocktail links and thin sliced lunch meat. You may not know that they won a 2008 Dale Carnegie national leadership award or were selected as 2008 Plant of the Year for the Sara Lee meat facilities. The Alexandria facility started its Lean journey in the spring of 2002. Plant Manager Petra Sterwerf reviews some of the Lean rules and tools that Sara Lee has found most beneficial in stimulating change into a more inclusive culture. Specific focus was given to performance management, value stream mapping, Six Sigma, and pull systems. She also highlights some of the lessons learned in Lean implementation.

Sara Lee Executive Summary (37 KB .pdf)

Chris Koelsch
Supply Chain Director and Lean Six Sigma Champion for
Corporate DuPont Operations
Wilmington, Delaware

The Use of Lean Six Sigma in Major Corporate Transformational Efforts

The transformation effort in this case study is evolving End to End Supply Chains across multiple businesses to excellence using Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Energizing and integrating the Six Sigma community is the vehicle to accomplish as transformation versus allowing a major effort to sprout its own parallel improvement processes. Chris Koelsch discusses why the use of Lean Six Sigma as the "tool set" for major effort is a critical "X" for long-term sustainability of leveraged improvement methods.

DuPont Executive Summary (66 KB .pdf)

Roxanne Turner
Manager, Global Ethics & Compliance
Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Starting the Lean to Green Journey

Kennametal is a global leader in tooling solutions, engineered components, and advanced materials with a significant footprint around the globe. For Kennametal, using Lean methodologies seemed a natural first step in an energy conservation strategy for the company. As Kennametal continues to embed Lean into its corporate culture, its team members have a heightened awareness of the impact waste can have on its operations. In the first full year of implementation of its energy conservation program, Kennametal is still learning how to adapt Lean to energy conservation efforts in the organization, and explores in-depth the challenges of applying Lean tools to resource consumption avoidance.

Kennametal Executive Summary (1,456 KB .pdf)

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