Sixty-Third Meeting of the Advanced Manufacturing Forum

Lean Manufacturing and Remanufacturing, The Journeys Continue...
April 10-11, 2008

Session Highlights

Daniel Banaszak
Plant Manager for Monochrome Products
Xerox Corporation
Webster, New York

Delayed Configuration: A Hybrid Manufacturing Strategy

Xerox Corporation is a pioneer in remanufacturing technologies and practices, and has successfully incorporated sustainability as a core part of its business culture. Banaszak explored two manufacturing philosophies -- delayed differentiation and operations reversal -- that can be utilized within a company's supply chain to help address issues associated with product availability, production throughput, and cycle time. Together, these practices from a hybrid manufacturing strategy known as "delayed configuration" that employs the use of a progressive assembly process coupled with cellular manufacturing. It is an effective assembly alternative that can be leveraged and utilized for an existing and established manufacturing product line.

Xerox Executive Summary (87kB .pdf)

Bruce Jones
Managing Director
Weir Minerals North America
Hazleton, Pennsylvania

Lean Principles: The Savior of American Manufacturing

Bruce Jones arrived at Weir Hazleton in 2003 faced with the mandate to either "fix" an ailing manufacturing facility or bring its slow, painful decline to an end. Weir's engineered-to-order slurry pumps were still a superior product and in demand; the only way to save the company was to change the basic structure of the organization into a 21st century manufacturing operation with the agility to adjust to market demands and ever-changing customer needs. In just four years the organization that was on the verge of closure increased its sales and produced record profits. Jones will connect the academic discussion of a popular business application to Weir's real world example of what properly executed Lean Principles can do when applied to every phase of operation.

Weir Minerals Executive Summary (106kB .pdf)

Mike Kochis
Heilman Center Plant Manager
Doug Wilson
Engineering Manager
Indianola, Pennsylvania

MedFlow: Lean Applications in a Low-Volume/High-Mix Environment

MEDRAD, a 2007 Industry Week Best Plants Winner, manufactures electronic fluid delivery systems that enhance cardiovascular, computerized tomography and magnetic resonance (MR) diagnostic scanning and MR coils and accessories used in medical imaging. In 2002, the company consolidated these manufacturing processes into one location, the Heilman Manufacturing Center, and embarked on MedFlow, their lean plant initiative. MedFlow continues to reap productivity gains in what is a very complex manufacturing environment. Plant Manager Mike Kochis will share the best practices of MEDRAD's modern approach to manufacturing, an approach that stresses flexibility, cross-training, and mobility for both the plant's workforce and its infrastructure.

Medrad Executive Summary (119kB .pdf)

Ron Walters
Director, NA Supply Planning
Black & Decker Corporation
Towson, Maryland

Driving "End to End": Lean Solutions in a Complex Value Chain

Driving successful lean initiatives goes beyond 4-wall manufacturing techniques and continuous improvement models. Companies must embark on cross-functional, end-to-end collaboration, analysis and execution to achieve true results in cycle time and inventory reduction. The challenge of today's businesses is to develop a suitable Continuous Improvement and Lean model that meets the needs of the customer, internal business objectives and the organizational culture. Ron Walters will present some aspects of the Black & Decker Lean and Six Sigma models and how B&D drives end-to-end lean solutions to improve cash flow for the business.

Black & Decker Executive Summary (111kB .pdf)

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