Fifty-Fifth Meeting of the Advanced Manufacturing Forum

Lean Initiatives in Product Design and Manufacturing
April 1-2, 2004

Session Highlights

Forum 55 Executive Summary (524 kB pdf)

Shail Godambe,
Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Supply Chain Operations Group (SCOG)
Commercial, Government and Industrial Solutions Sector (CGISS)

Supply Chain Operations Excellence

Motorola's Commercial, Government and Industrial Solutions Sector (CGISS) was a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner in 2002. CGISS is the leading worldwide supplier of two-way radio communications including radio networks, systems, products and services, and integrated communications and information technology solutions. Its customers include fire, police, and public service organizations; governments; and businesses. The presentation will focus on some of CGISS's specific areas of excellence in the total supply chain process. These operational excellence cases will cover areas such as supply management, manufacturing optimization, inventory and service optimization, China manufacturing impact and the Malcolm Baldrige Award of Excellence process.

Ed deJong,
Principal Engineer
Xerox Corporation

Turning Vision (Environmental) Into Reality

Xerox initiated the Environmental Leadership Program in 1990 to respond to emerging forces for resource management and product stewardship. The core concept of the program was asset management - the management of products and inventory to minimize their environmental impact at all stages of the product life cycle, particularly end-of-life. This led to pioneering initiatives in designing products for reuse, re-manufacturing and recycling, and by generating strategies for greater parts and products reuse. Ed deJong led the Design for Environment (DFE) effort that redesigned products with these objectives in mind, and included metrics for judging success. These initiatives were the subject of a Harvard Business School case as well as an IEEE environmental seminar. His presentation will focus on the successes and problems that remain to be solved in order to move toward sustainable development.

Chris Heinrich,
Plant Manager
Guelph Products
Collins & Aikman

Communication - The Foundation For Achieving Excellence In Lean Manufacturing

The Guelph Products plant is the fourth Collins & Aikman plant in two years to receive Industry Week's Best Plant Award. The Ontario, Canada plant manufactures injection molded plastic automotive components and instrument panels. Chris Heinrich will present the Guelph Products' story of how the journey toward lean began, including the challenges that it faced and overcame in a unionized work environment, along with resistance from front line supervisors. Should lean be achieved through revolution or evolution? Which is the best approach? Every company can start lean immediately by utilizing only five key principles.

Dave Hotler,
Manufacturing Engineer
Dynamic Corporation

Blending Lean Tools And Traditional Industrial Engineering Techniques

The mid-1990s brought a period of unprecedented growth to Dynamic Corporation in Lafayette, Indiana. The company, a manufacturer of high power resistors for the locomotive industry, was faced with the challenge of immediately quadrupling its capacity while reducing costs in response to rising labor and material costs and increasing domestic and foreign competition. Dynamic found success in a blend of lean manufacturing tools (Kanban, SMED, 5S) and traditional industrial engineering techniques. This session will focus on shop floor examples that led to increased throughput, increased quality, and reduced costs.

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