Fifty-Second Meeting of the Advanced Manufacturing Forum

Innovation in Quality and Manufacturing Management: Lean Manufacturing
November 14-15, 2002

Session Highlights

Forum 52 Executive Summary (410 KB pdf)

Phil Duncan, General Manager
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia

Continuing Innovation in Lean Practices at Toyota

Phil Duncan discussed the innovative practices that have been introduced at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia that show clearly why the Toyota Production System produces such exceptional gains in productivity and quality. Some of these practices are deceptively simple, yet very powerful because they save time and resources by preventing many problems and identifying and quickly solving those problems that do occur. TMMWV has effectively integrated state-of-the-art technology, human resource policies and practices, and common sense to create one of Toyota's exemplary second generation North American plants.

Ed Kemmerling, Performance Consulting Manager
Ford Production System
Ford Motor Company

Lean Implementation Barriers and How to Overcome Them

One standard question asked about lean manufacturing is: "How do we make it happen?" Those participants who attended the Advanced Manufacturing Forum, participants will have much better knowledge of what they need to do to implement lean. The question then is: "How do we do it?" The answer is to select lean tools and apply them to waste elimination opportunities that will align with and achieve business results. Ed Kemmerling will provide fresh ideas on how to achieve these results. In addition to slides, he conducted a question and answer session to address specific participant needs. This session provided participants with plenty of answers when they are asked: "What did you learn while you were gone?"

Craig Browne, Manager of Education
Dana University - Technical School
Dana Corporation

Kaizen Blitz at Dana: Philosophy, Practice and Results

Craig Browne discussed how Dana Corporation conducts a Kaizen Blitz and some of the results that have been obtained. He also discussed the theory and concepts behind the lean manufacturing techniques that Dana uses as well as the structural and cultural issues that a facility must have in order for the Kaizen Blitz to be maximally effective. A Kaizen Blitz lasts about three and one half days that are spent developing ideas for improvement and then actually implementing over 50% of the ideas within the 3 1/2 day Blitz. Dana has trained more than 150 of its employees to lead Kaizen Blitzes.

Andrew Dordal, DBS Manager
Jeff Adams, Vice President of Operations,

Continuous Improvement with the Danaher Business System

Veeder-Root's continuous improvement system is called the Danaher Business System (DBS). This system has been in use at Veeder-Root for over ten years and has resulted in annual double-digit productivity improvements. DBS is a variation of the Toyota Production System that has been expanded to include concepts from Six Sigma. The presentation included a discussion of Policy Deployment (a strategic planning tool), Kaizens (practical discussion on implementing them), lean manufacturing (including 5S, eight wastes, kanban systems and standard work), variation reduction (review of a simple roadmap to follow in improving processes).

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