Forty-Seventh Meeting of the Advanced Manufacturing Forum

Session Highlights

Spring 2000

Steve Antosz, Senior Manager
Strategic Studies, Procurement and Supply 
Daimler Chrysler Corporation

Integrating Suppliers Into The 'Extended Enterprise'

The term "extended enterprise" was coined in 1992 to describe Chrysler's concept of a multi-tiered supplier-base that operates like a single company. The supplier-base includes any company that participates in any DCX process phase from raw material purchase to delivery to the final consumer. Tools and strategies for identifying and integrating suppliers and components outsourced by DCX are discussed.

Daimler Chrysler Corporation Summary (379 KB pdf)


Rick Jarman, Director
Advanced Manufacturing Affairs
Eastman Kodak Company

Collaborative Competence: A Major Basis of Competitive Advantage


Rick Jarman presented theory and practice related to effective R&D collaboration with other companies. Product creation and supply-chain management research and development can be accelerated by developing an infrastructure for collaboration with other companies. Resources can be shared, relationships between companies an be deepened, and the collaboration experience can help a company to retain its best engineers. His presentation is based on a book that he co-wrote with Gene Allen (MCS Software) on the subject.

Eastman Kodak Summary (219 KB pdf)

Jeffrey S. Gleeson, Manager
Manufacturing and Support Integration 
Lockheed-Martin Corporation

Revolutionary Improvements in Cycle Time and Cost Through Virtual Product Development (VPDI)

VPDI began in 1995 as a revolutionary approach to integrate lean production processes, leading-edge simulation technology, and enterprise data management. These three phases create what it calls the "Virtual Design Environment". Lockheed-Martin has achieved significant benefits in reducing design cycles, analysis, assembly simulation and visualization, as well as reducing defects beyond world-class standards through its use of VPDI.

Lockheed Martin Summary (311 KB pdf)

James Bacchus, Director
Strategic Technologies 
Ingersoll-Rand Corporation

Virtual Corporation Management System

In October 1999, Governor Ridge announced the formation of the Lightning Manufacturing Project, which consists of companies in the powdered metals industry that will form a virtual enterprise over the Internet ( for the purpose of developing and supplying products to customers. This project will enable suppliers to optimally employ capacity and capital equipment by collaborating with firms that currently have excess capacity to fill orders. Ingersoll-Rand is playing the role of lead customer and relates its experience with this project.

Ingersoll-Rand Summary (213 KB pdf)


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