Forty-Fifth Meeting of the Advanced Manufacturing Forum

"Development of a Diesel Engine for the North American Light Truck Market"
Charles Freese, Director, Automotive Sales
Detroit Diesel Corporation

Detroit Diesel Corporation (133 Kb pdf)

"Integrated Product Development Techniques and Practices to Meet an Aggressive Schedule"
Donald A. Scelza, Senior Director, Worldwide Engineering Services
Fore Systems, Inc.

Fore Systems, Inc. (116 Kb pdf)

"Virtual Engineering Supporting Integrated Product Development"
Richard M. Carver, Sr., Technical Specialist, Product Development Systems
Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company (118 Kb pdf)

"Electronic Tools For Enhanced Development and Procurement by Integrated Teams"
Charles Mattingly, Business Manager, Office of the Project Manager, Crusader
U.S. Army
Stephen Flach, Business Manager, Crusader
United Defense
Steve Untz, Program Support Manager, Crusader
United Defense

U.S. Army/United Defense (210 Kb pdf)

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