Sixty-Eighth Meeting of the Advanced Manufacturing Forum

The Journey to Lean and Green Manufacturing
September 30 - October 1, 2010

Session Highlights

David Haft, Group Vice President
Sustainability & Productivity
Frito-Lay, Inc., a Division of PepsiCo
Plano, Texas

Good for the Environment, Good for the Bottom Line

In the first ten years of Frito-Lay's Environmental Sustainability initiative, the company has developed a program combining the optimal integration of Technology, People and Processes that is both good for the environment and good for the bottom line, with the future vision to be a preeminent green company. Areas of discussion include the MAKE, MOVE, SELL and SUPPORT aspects of this $13B business. David Haft will discuss the company's Environmental Sustainability program from inception through 2010, and will cover in detail its initiatives to reduce the use of natural gas, electricity, motor fuel, water, landfill of solid waste, packaging, etc.

Frito-Lay Executive Summary (kB .pdf) -- coming soon


Monica Alston, Director of Corporate Environment, Health & Safety
Eaton Center Worldwide Headquarters
Cleveland, Ohio

Doing Business Right... Sustainably at Eaton Corp.

Eaton Corporation, a diversified power management company, helps the world use electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more reliably, efficiently and safely. Rooted in Eaton's corporate philosophy of "Doing Business Right," our commitment to sustainability goes beyond environmental stewardship; we are building a culture in which sustainability permeates everything we do as a company. The presentation will focus on some of Eaton's sustainable ideals, which are shared by all of our operations worldwide: reduce the environmental impact of our operations and products; design power management products and services that increase our customers' energy efficiency; and develop and share innovative business practices that contribute to a more sustainable society. We'll discuss key company programs and initiatives that demonstrate our sustainability practices and our commitment to sustainability leadership. Through our products, practices and people, Eaton is helping to create a more sustainable world.

Eaton Executive Summary (kB .pdf) -- coming soon


Darryl J. Heffline, Vice President
Marketing and Strategy
E-Z-GO, a Textron Company
Augusta, Georgia

Lean Transformation and Operational Excellence -- The E-Z-GO Journey

In 2003, E-Z-GO had missed profitability goals, with insufficient quality, high manufacturing costs, inadequate safety performance and unmet delivery schedules. "The plant was dark and looked like a dungeon," remarked one long-time employee. The company was battling for sales in a maturing golf-car market and was ill equipped operationally to win the fight. It was a pivotal time for the company. Today, E-Z-GO is a proud recipient of the 2009 Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, is named as one of Industry Week magazine's 2009 Top Ten, was a featured presenter at the 2010 Shingo Conference and is a regular benchmarking stop for several "Lean" organizations. Darryl Heffline will describe the E-Z-GO journey, vision setting, leadership, employee engagement and empowerment, culture and coaching, and an empirical look at the "before" and "after" metrics.

E-Z-GO Executive Summary (kB .pdf) -- coming soon

Eric Kulikowski, Senior Director of North American Operations
Philips Home Healthcare Solutions
Murrysville, Pennsylvania

The Awesome Power of Employee Engagement

Eric Kulikowski from Philips Respironics will present the employee engagement programs launched and the results achieved at their two western Pennsylvania manufacturing sites over the most recent three years. A people-centric culture has been established and is built on the three pillars of Pride & Passion, Sense of Family, and Pursuit of Excellence. Attendees will learn about multiple ways to engage all employees in an organization resulting in everyone being a competent and motivated problem solver. The presentation will also use real world examples to display the approach and results to date. All of the tools used are designed to be implemented at the grassroots level and are simple and visual in nature. And the use of these tools has improved performance dramatically -- 48% decrease in human errors, 26% increase in productivity, 46% drop in backorders and a 53% increase in morale, all just in the past 12 months. Continuous improvement has become woven into the fabric of the culture at Philips Respironics.

Philips Respironics Executive Summary (kB .pdf) -- coming soon