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Advanced Manufacturing Forum

Information on the 76th Advanced Manufacturing Forum - Registration Open!

Seventy-Sixth Advanced Manufacturing Forum
October 23-24, 2014
Toftrees Golf Resort & Conference Center


The objective of the Advanced Manufacturing Forum is to provide managers with a setting in which to share experiences and ideas about implementing advanced manufacturing technology (AMT) and advanced manufacturing practices (AMP), and thus to learn from each other. AMT includes computerization of all value-added activities that are related to the design, manufacture, and distribution of the firm's products to its customers. AMP includes innovative managerial practices such as total quality management, just-in-time manufacturing, design for manufacturability, and employee problem-solving programs such as Kaizen Blitzes.


The Advanced Manufacturing Forum held its first meeting in 1983 and remains unique in providing a setting for intensive discussion and idea exchange among managers who are introducing technological and organizational innovations. The membership of the Advanced Manufacturing Forum consists of managers from more than 300 companies who meet at Penn State in the fall and spring.


The CMTOC staff helps managers to clarify problems and issues, to facilitate the sharing of information and experiences and to encourage mutual learning. Four presentations are made at each Forum meeting using a seminar-style format to maximize opportunities for participants to share ideas and information. These presentations are interspersed with small group breakout sessions that permit participants to explore in greater depth any issues or topics that are stimulated by the presentations.


The current theme is lean manufacturing and applying lean methodologies to sustainability, with presentations by managers with extensive experience in implementing lean and/or green practices that focus on product design, manufacturing, and the supply chain. For example, our fall 2012 forum featured presenters from OMNOVA Solutions, Ball Corporation, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, CertainTeed and Saint-Gobain, and the spring 2012 forum featured presenters from OSI Industries, Wal-Mart, Cessna Aircraft, and Xerox.  OSI Industries, a major contract food manufacturing company with more than 50 facilities around the globe, discussed the key process indicators currently used, its recently launched sustainability plan, and how it finds ways to pay for it in an industry where one-cent can make the difference between winning and losing the contract. Wal-Mart discussed its sustainability plans and successes, including its ability to affect consumer spending on sustainable products through the products offered and pricing strategies (e.g., concentrated laundry detergent, compact fluorescent light bulbs).  Cessna discussed managing supplier relationships in an industry with many specialized suppliers and limited availability.  Xerox discussed sustainability from both the manufacturing- and customer-side of the equation (e.g. paper waste, toner).  Recent presentations are summarized in The Most Recent Forum Meetings.

If you would like to be included in the mailing list for upcoming Advanced Manufacturing Forums, please send a message via the contact us page and include your name, title/company, mailing address and email address in your message.