The Center for the Management of Technological and Organizational Change (CMTOC) has consultation expertise in seven areas related to planning and implementing technological and organizational change.

Justification and Evaluation of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

CMTOC is familiar with both organizational and financial barriers to justification, and has extensively researched ways in which such barriers can be overcome. Similarly, current evaluation practices often do not portray the advantages of new technology fairly. CMTOC can assist firms in improving their evaluation methods.

Competitive Strategy

Many firms do not take full advantage of the capabilities of new technologies, because they use them only to pursue their existing strategies, rather than recognizing their broadened strategic potential. CMTOC can assist firms in aligning new technologies with competitive strategies that enhance competitive advantage.


Another reason that firms often falter in deploying new technology is that their approach to implementation is faulty. CMTOC has researched the implementation process in numerous firms, and is aware of many pitfalls, and the ways that they can be overcome.

Design for Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing technology can only reach its full potential if products are designed to take advantage of it. CMTOC has identified a number of organizational arrangements to link design and manufacturing so that product designs can help rather than hinder a firm's efforts to produce items of high quality at low cost.

Organizational Structure

The impacts of technology on structure are pervasive, and only firms that adapt their structures to the new technology will be effective. CMTOC surveyed 185 manufacturers in Pennsylvania and documented the relationships among use of advanced technology, organizational structure and effectiveness.

Human Resource Practices

As with organization structure, personnel practices are substantially affected by advanced technology. CMTOC has identified a set of human resource practices (in such areas as selection, compensation and appraisal, job design) that best complement the new technologies.

Union-Management Cooperation

Implementing advanced manufacturing technology in a unionized setting can be complex. CMTOC staff has years of experience in working with firms where union and management are trying to cooperate for the greater good of both groups.