Publications: White Papers

The Security–Privacy Paradox: Issues, Misconceptions, and Strategies (.pdf 150Kb)*Acrobat
September 2003

The Automotive Industry: On the Road to on Demand(.pdf 567Kb)*Acrobat
August 2003

From banks to banking: The on demand journey(.pdf 408Kb)*Acrobat
August 2003

On demand business: The new agenda for value creation(.pdf 446Kb)*Acrobat
August 2003

Innovations in Customer Loyalty, Retention, and Advocacy: Powered By Technology(.pdf 663Kb)*Acrobat
July 2003

e-Business Benchmarking Questionnaire Summary (.pdf 338Kb)*Acrobat
June 2002

Paper Sections:

  • Initiative: Why did the e-initiative start?
  • Web-site/e-initiative objective
  • For whom was the web site designed?
  • What can your web site do?
  • Operations
  • User Experience
  • User Ratings of online Offerings
  • Web-site Impact On Business

Realizing Measurable Business Benefits from e-Business Investments Academic Workshop (.pdf 2834Kb)*Acrobat
May 9-10, 2002 The Theater, IBM Corp., 590 Madison Avenue, New York, NY

The Current State of e-Business (.pdf 94Kb)*Acrobat
Digest of a Report from Corporate Strategy Board, October, 2001

e-Incubator Laboratory at Penn State (.pdf 1216Kb)*Acrobat
White Paper for IBM Corporation Release 1.0, June 2001

Personalization Issues in e-Business (April, 2001 Academic Workshop White Paper)
April 19-20, 2001 Arlington, Virginia Marriott Crystal Gateway Hotel

Probing the New Economy Pyramid: Valuation, Governance, and Execution (June, 2000 Academic Workshop White Paper)
June 15-16, 2000 Washington, D.C. Dulles Airport Marriott Hotel

The Quest for eBusiness Frameworks: Measuring and Tracking eBusiness Strategies (March, 1999 Academic Workshop White Paper)
March 5, 1999 Marietta, Georgia