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eBRC Workshop on Service Innovations and New Service Business Models

Nittany Lion Inn, University Park, PA
June 21-22, 2005

June 21 Session

June 22 Session

Attendee Biographies (.pdf 2,867Kb)*Acrobat

eBRC White Paper on Service Innovation: A Framework for Success (.pdf 316Kb)*Acrobat

eBRC Advisory Board Meeting
May 5-6, 2005

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Creating or Eroding Business Value: IT Optmization and the changing role of the CIO
  • Technology-Enabled Distributed Work: Estimating and Understanding its Consequences
  • Atherton: Web Services Research at IST/PSU
  • Smarter Document Management
  • Inducing Customer Effort and Satisfaction in Value Co-Creation: The Effect of Expectations, Uncertainty, and Competition
  • S-Vector Project
  • Markets as An Information Aggregation Mechanism for Decision Support
  • Smeal College of Business Update
    • Judy Olian, Dean of the Smeal College of Business, Penn State
  • Vision 2010: An EIU/SAP Study
  • Research Programs Update
  • Next Generation CiteSeer: the Web Service
    • Lee Giles, Penn State
  • eBRC Update
  • Value survey

Next Practices for the Adaptive Organization: Building on Today's Best Practices Workshop
May 19 - 20, 2004
Xerox Knowledge Sharing Centre, 245 Park Avenue (at 46th St.)
New York City, New York

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • IT Leadership and the Adaptive Organization
  • The Adaptive Organization
  • Panel #1 - Panel Discussions on Business Process for the Adaptive Organization
    • Case Study: Business Process Excellence - From Vision to Reality - Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, CEO, IDS Scheer (.pdf 7008Kb)*Acrobat*
    • Professor Fariborz Ghadar, Director, Center for Global Business Studies, The Penn State University (.pdf 73Kb)*Acrobat
    • Dr. Ajit Kambil, Global Director, Deloitte Research, Deloitte and Touche (Presentation is currently unavailable)
    • Michael Uram, Program Director, Adaptive Enterprise, Hewlett Packard (.pdf 1610Kb)*Acrobat
  • Panel #2 - Panel Discussions on Custom Services in the Adaptive Organization
    • Case Study: Park University - Dorla D.Watkins, VP, Finance and Administration, Park University and Ross Raifsnider, Region Manger, Xerox Global Services (.pdf 1467Kb)*Acrobat
    • Professor Arvind Rangaswamy, Research Director, eBRC Penn State University (.pdf 179Kb)*Acrobat
    • Steve Olyha, VP, Global CRM Practice, Unisys (Presentation is currently unavailable)
    • Professor V. Kumar, Ph.D., Executive Director, ING Center for Financial Services, University of Connecticut (.pdf 440Kb)*Acrobat
  • Panel #3 - Panel Discussions on Strategy and Technology for the Adaptive Organization
  • Next Practices for the Adaptive Organization (The Missing Middle)
    • Thomas Davenport, Director of Research, School of Executive Education, Babson College (.pdf 284Kb) *Acrobat
  • Strategic Technology for the Adaptive Enterprise

Conference White Paper(pdf 1,255Kb)*Acrobat

A workshop on Innovations in Customer Loyalty, Retention and Advocacy: Powered by Technology
May 14 - 15, 2003
Cigna Classroom 4G, located at Two Liberty Place, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Welcome and Introduction (.pdf 305Kb)*Acrobat
    • Nirmal Pal, Executive Director, eBRC, The Penn State University
    • Fariborz Ghadar, Policies and Planning and Director, Center for Global Business Studies, The Penn State University
  • Topic Introduction (.pdf 406Kb)*Acrobat
    • Arvind Rangswamy, The Penn State University
  • Industry Presentation (.pdf 1697Kb)*Acrobat
    • Helene Mathern, VP, Unisys
  • Panel #1 - Panel Discussions on Business Imperatives
  • Panel #2 - Panel Discussions on Process and Services Innovations
  • Panel #3 - Discussions on Enabling Technology Imperatives
    • Chair - Arvind Rangaswamy, PSU (.pdf 1532Kb)*Acrobat
    • Davor Grgic, VP - IT and Global Procurement, Kohler Company
    • Peter O'Brian, Manager of CRM, Xerox
    • Philip Sonntag, Product Manager, SAP
    • Patrick Howard, VP,IBM Global Services

Realizing Measurable Business Benefits from e-Business Investments Academic Workshop
May 9-10, 2002
The Theater, IBM Corp., 590 Madison Avenue
New York, NY

The topic of this year's Academic Workshop is Realizing Measurable Business Benefits from Online Investments. Some of the critical issues that will be addressed include business impact of realizing tangible benefits from web investments. The Academic Workshop will begin with lunch on Thursday, May 9, 2001, and continue through mid-afternoon on Friday, May 10, at the IBM office at 590 Madison Avenue. Our thanks to Bobbie Landers and IBM for letting us use their facility.

Although a Web site is an essential feature of any business of the day, whether a dot-com or a traditional brick and mortar industry, measuring returns from Web site investments may allow us to understand the impact of the Web site better. While a Web site acts as an effective marketing channel it also has effects on other aspects of a business. These include areas like Learning & Growth, sustainability, financial and process. To capture the totality of the Web site impact we need to measure its effect on each of these dimensions. This understanding can result in designing tools that help track Web site impact on a continual basis. In this workshop, we will bring together experts from academia, industry, and government to carefully explore various issues in measuring returns from online investments.

The workshop will be conducted in the form of an interdisciplinary think tank, in which inputs from all participants are critical to its success. All workshop participants will be asked to relate the overall topic of business impact and the specific subtopics to their own areas of research and experience to enhance the effectiveness of the discussion of the workshop. A few workshop participants from both academia and industry will be asked to prepare a brief presentation in their area of expertise within one of the business impact subtopics to trigger people's thinking and focus the discussion. All workshop participants will receive a notebook at the beginning containing all presentations. The proceedings will be recorded to facilitate the production of a white paper representing the discussions and outcomes of the workshop.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Download all the files from the workshop: (Zip Format: 20002Kb)

  • Welcome and Introductions (.pdf 617Kb)*Acrobat
    • Nirmal Pal, Executive Director, eBRC Penn State University
  • Topic Introduction(.pdf 338Kb)*Acrobat
    • Arvind Rangaswamy, Director of Research, eBRC Penn State University
  • Business Benefits - Financial
    • Digital Investment Measurement: an IBV Viewpoint (.pdf 610Kb)*Acrobat
      • David Partridge, Director of Intellectual Capital Development, IBM e-Business Innovation Institute
    • Dr. Fariborz Ghadar, Director, Center for Global Business Studies, Smeal College of Business, The Penn State University (No Presentation Available
  • Business Benefits - Customer
    • "Getting Closer To The Customer" Realizing Measurable Benefits From Online Investments (.pdf 1785Kb)*Acrobat
      • Edward Cholmeley-Jones, Business Case Development Manager, SAP America. Inc
      • Anne Marie Nowlan, SAP Canada
    • Customer-Based eBiz Benefits and Metrics (.pdf 925Kb)*Acrobat
      • Arvind Rangaswamy, Director of Research, eBRC
      • Venky Shankar, Associate Professor of Marketing, R. H. Smith School of Business, Univ. of Maryland
  • Business Benefits - Learning & Growth
    • Measuring Business Benefits: A Closer Look at e-Learning (.pdf 505Kb)*Acrobat
      • Margaret Driscoll, IBM Mindspan Solutions
    • AT&T Wireless Services: E-Business Growth and Learning (.pdf 1395Kb)*Acrobat
      • Ken Catucci, eBusiness Strategy and Marketing, AT&T Wireless Services
  • Business Benefits - Process
  • Business Benefits - Sustainability
    • Tony Summerlin, VP, World-Wide eBusiness Marketing and Strategy, UNISYS Corporation (No Presentation Available)
    • Sustainability of Online Investments (.pdf 246Kb)*Acrobat
      • Jim Ciriello, Director / Executive In Residence, Institute For Leading In A Dynamic Economy, Boston University School of Management
    • Dr. Ravi Kalakota, CEO, eBusiness Strategies (No Presentation Available)
  • List of Attendees & Speakers (.pdf 47Kb)*Acrobat

eBRC Advisory Board Meeting Presentations April 24-25, 2002

  • 2002 eBRC Board Meeting(.pdf 346Kb)*Acrobat
    • Nirmal Pal, Executive Director, eBRC
    • Bobbie Landers, Director, IGS, IBM
    • Helene Mathern, Vice President Marketing Process Management, Unisys
  • Emerging e-Business Issues(.pdf 175Kb)*Acrobat
    • Michael L. Rizzo, Senior Director, Global IT, Tyco Fire & Security Services
  • Marketing ROI(.pdf 680Kb)*Acrobat
    • Arvind Rangaswamy, Director of Research, eBRC
  • eBizSearch Update
    • Lee Giles, Research Associate, eBRC
  • Emerging e-Business Issues(.pdf 699Kb) *Acrobat
    • Kirk Rothrock, President, Intracorp, CIGNA Corporation

eBRC Advisory Board Meeting Presentations October 25-26, 2001