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Accounting Waiting List

Please read all information here carefully before submitting your request:

All information must be completed correctly. If any information is incorrect, missing, or not given in the correct format, your request will be discarded.

This Waiting List is only for students who are currently in their major (Juniors or Seniors only). BA or DUS students who are not yet accepted to their major will be removed from the Waiting List.

If you are not yet able to schedule your courses for the semester you are requesting, then you cannot get onto the Waiting List. You will need to wait until it is "your time" to schedule and then add your name to the Waiting List. If you submit your request prior to the time you are able to schedule, you will be removed from the Waiting List.

The University imposes a limit of 19 credits. If you have more than 16 credits on your schedule when the Department goes to add you to the class, you will not be able to be added to the course you are requesting. You will instead be removed from the Waiting List.

Students will be added into any section that fits their schedule. You are unable to request a particular section, but you will not be added into a section that conflicts with any of your other scheduled courses.

There is no guarantee that your request will be granted. We will make sure that graduating students will have the courses that they need in order to graduate.

The Accounting Department does not keep a Waiting List for ACCTG 211 or B A 411. Please add your name to the Watch List on eLion so you can be notified when sections become available. Our office is not able to override any students into these two courses.